education / interests

I am a Computer Engineering senior at the University of Michigan with a focus on Embedded Systems (ARM) and Computer-Based Control Systems. On the software side, I am deeply skilled in Data Structures/Algorithms, iOS development, and full-stack development.

I want to enter Health + Technology field and be part of the next medical device, robot, and wearable that will impact you and I's health in a powerful way.


Industry / research

Incoming Software Engineer

Health Algorithms, Sensing and Connectivity

Excited to work on motion-based health algorithms such as VO2 Max and mobility metrics.

Software Engineering Intern

Health Algorithms, Sensing and Connectivity

Architect efficient short-range wireless data streaming mechanisms between multiple Apple devices with custom binary packets to decrease latency and streamline data reporting from clinical study participants

Develop an iOS software in Swift and Objective-C that communicates with devices sensor services to monitor and validate collection process in real time to minimize critical data loss and increase productivity of studies

Lead recurring scoping and update meetings with managers and stakeholders to prioritize feature implementation

Software Engineering Co-op

Field Diagnostics and Systems Engineering

Developed and deployed software that power iPhone inspection fixtures in factories and repair centers while working closely with hardware vendors to meet the production timeline (start to global deployment in 6 months)

Designed MacOS and iOS software that perform diagnosis of Apple iOS products with Swift and Objective-C

Prototyped basic circuits to integrate sensors into hardware I/O boards and controllers

Effectively communicated engineering requirements, documented scope, worked with legal, and demonstrated technical achievements in front of management to ensure a successful global deployment

Software Engineering Intern

User Onboarding and Authentication

Built software in Agile development sprints with Swift to maintain the top-ranked WW App by accepting tickets, estimating point values, and preserving code livability with continuous integration tools

Worked with designers and compliance officers to ensure feature implementations are secure and accessible to all

Engaged in code reviews with senior engineers, created formal pull requests, and frequently submitted builds for quality assurance testing to deliver successful biweekly updates to the iOS App Store

Software Developer

iOS augmented reality research and development

Program flexible, scalable augmented reality frameworks for iOS to enable easy scene creation, vivid animations, and accurate asset placements within a simulated space

Engineer augmented reality and marker solutions inside designated buildings within the College of Engineering to revolutionize the indoor tour experience


Academic / Hackathons / Personal


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